Women In Business Gig Harbor

Appointment of female CEOs by a number of world-renowned organizations clearly indicates the rising trend of women in business leadership positions. Women are fast making their presence felt in the corporate world and there are more women in business today than ever before. Sharon's Resale Boutique is proud to be owned by one such dynamic women in business in Gig Harbor, WA.

There are many inherent skills in women that help female entrepreneurs become game changers. Running an enterprise has a risk element, but it is seen that women owned small business firms generally become a risk success story. Some innate qualities of women in business in Gig Harbor and elsewhere include:

  •  Great aptitude for learning and adaptability
  •  High integrity
  •  Ability to build relationships and foster creativity
  •  Emotional intelligence and knack for HR management
  •  Flair for money management

As a long-standing, successful woman owned and operated business, we prove that female entrepreneurs play an important role in the economy.

Women Owned Small Business Gig Harbor

The presence of women in business has brought diversity to the work environment. Men and women have different approaches to work. Collaboration of different thought processes breeds innovation. The result is increased success rate of women owned small business enterprises in wide-ranging sectors.
We find female entrepreneurs today running all kinds of businesses, including those related to:

  •  Clothing and accessories
  •  Spa and wellness
  •  Food services
  •  IT
  •  Finance

A rising number of women owned small business enterprises in Gig Harbor and throughout the country is not a matter of chance. Along with evolving societal mindsets, government support through legislation like The Women’s Equity in Contracting Act of 2000 and The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 have been catalysts in the growth of women owned small business firms.

Female Entrepreneurs Gig Harbor

We are happy to be a part of the global community of female entrepreneurs and expect Gig Harbor women to shop with us to lend support to the local women in business. Our woman owned business enterprise caters to the essential requirements of every well dressed lady.
At our resale boutique, we offer women’s apparel, handbags, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses and accessories:

  • From leading designer brands
  • At much less than retail prices
  • In a large selection to choose from

Come to us today. Give us a chance to become one of your favorite local female entrepreneurs!

Visit Sharon's Resale Boutique for top-brand, affordable clothing and accessories, while encouraging women owned small business enterprises in Gig Harbor. Call (253) 851-3550.