Small Business Gig Harbor

Shop at Sharon's Resale Boutique for luxury resale items if you appreciate the significant contribution made to the U.S. economy by every small company in the country and would like to support a respectable small business in Gig Harbor, WA.
Not everybody knows that there are millions of small locally owned businesses across the nation, generating almost half of the GDP. The huge, extremely influential corporate world that we have today has been shaped by countless small business founders. Some small company owners like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs have a prominent place in world history.

Here are some ways in which a small business makes a profound impact:

  • Creating jobs in the community
  • Providing revenue to local government
  • Sparking innovation
  • Assisting in growth of large businesses

We are proud to be a woman-owned small business in Gig Harbor that fuels the local economy in its own modest way.

Locally Owned Businesses Gig Harbor

There has been a gradual shift in recent years in preference of consumers, moving them away from the big-box retailers in favor of locally owned businesses. Supporting the small company set up by a local entrepreneur brings several benefits to the customer and the whole community.

We believe that shopping locally instead of buying at national chains is a healthy trend. Locally owned businesses in Gig Harbor as well as other places:

  • Give the community a unique flavor and character
  • Offer more personalized service and cost-effective shopping
  • Promote self-reliance at the community level
  • Help in environment sustainability with small carbon footprint

Come to our small business if it is time to replenish your wardrobe. You can pick up some great deals while having the satisfaction of supporting one of the locally owned businesses.

Small Company Gig Harbor

The best thing about shopping with us is that we offer the ease, informality, and economy of doing business with a small company without compromising on the superior quality available at high-end shops.

Our long-standing resale boutique is one of the most reputable locally owned stores. The sustained success of our small company in Gig Harbor bears testimony to our:

  • Strong work ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Authentic products at fair prices
  • Customer-friendliness

Visit us if you are interested in a small business offering pre-loved designer clothing and accessories.

Sharon's Resale Boutique is proud to be one of the leading locally owned businesses in Gig Harbor. Call (253) 851-3550 to learn more about our consignment store.