Resale Gig Harbor

Do you wish to buy women’s apparel and accessories carrying the most sought-after brands without paying through the nose for the products and without waiting for sale events? If so, then Sharon's Resale Boutique is the perfect place to visit. We run a luxury resale boutique in Gig Harbor, WA where just the kind of ‘excellent value shopping’ that you want is possible every day.

At our resale boutique, gently-used designer clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses and accessories are sold at a fraction of their retail price. Stop fretting about the unaffordable department store or mall prices and visit our luxury resale shop to pick up designer wear that:

  • Looks just like new
  • Makes an incredibly good bargain
  • Reflects your refined sense of fashion

Come to our luxury resale boutique in Gig Harbor for a big brand shopping experience like none other.

Resale Boutique Gig Harbor

We are very particular about offering the finest possible products to our customers. That is why we exercise diligent attention to detail while accepting every luxury designer consignment item.

No matter how many items or products, however upscale the brand, a consignor brings to our resale boutique, only such items are made part of our inventory that:

  • Are in pristine condition
  • Nobody can judge to be ‘not new’
  • Have much life still left in them

Indeed, there is no place as good as our luxury resale boutique in Gig Harbor for ladies with limited means who want to dress up in style. We update our collection on a daily basis so that every visit to the store assures our patrons of something new to interest them.

Luxury Resale Gig Harbor

We take pride in our reputation as one of the longest-standing, most trusted and friendliest local luxury resale shops. Shopping with us is found by our customers to be:

  • Fun and adventurous
  • Easy, organized, and hassle-free
  • Highly satisfying

We are also happy to be appreciated for maintaining an extensive and diverse inventory at our luxury resale boutique in Gig Harbor. From designer clothes of different types to modern accessories of various kinds, we have everything to put together fashionable women’s outfits for all occasions.

With us, you can look forward to replenishing your wardrobe with chic pieces without using up your entire budget. Schedule a visit to us today to take a look at the designer items available.

Interested in knowing more about Sharon's Resale Boutique in Gig Harbor? Call (253) 851-3550 or walk in any day of the week.